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A game u have in your Systems but you never know about it .


Google has attempted to inject a little mindless joy into the pain of being disconnected from the internet, concealing an endless runner game into its latest Chrome build starring its error page dinosaur.

The game works when you’re offline, meaning there is at least something to distract you while you reset the router and await precious internet.

The game is activated by hitting the space bar, turning the error page into a very basic desert plain covered with cacti that Chrome’s T-Rex must hurdle.

You can rank up points on the game with mini-celebrations for every hundred you attain, although everything resets when you refresh (by which point you’ve hopefully regained connection, or found a better use of your time).

When you just lost your internet connection there a dinosaur appears saying internet not connected and once you hit space the dinosaur starts moving

Edited by  – Arghyadeep Sinha ( Hagru )