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Selfie Flash for Your Phones

The Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash will sell for $29 on Lenovo’s website.

The mobile arena is just changing and people are coming out with new ideas what ever they can think to make life easy and better  . The Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash is one of those things, and it does exactly what you think it does. This may be the most fun you can have for $29.

The selfie Flash is meant to take selfies in bad light so that the pic comes out well and clear . The Selfie Flash contains eight diffused LEDs in a round metal casing with a single button on the back that allows you to take your selfie. Lenovo says it works with any Android device by simply plugging it into the headphone jack — we tested it with a Moto X, and it worked flawlessly, but didn’t want to work on our Nexus 5 or our iPhone 6 Plus.

The Selfie Flash doesn’t actually flash, instead emitting a steady light when you press the button. That’s a good thing — it allows you balance out your shot instead of surprising you with a bright flash. You can also turn the Selfie Flash around and use it as a flash for your rear camera, a much better option than the flash on most smartphones.

Lenovo tells us the Selfie Flash will last you 100 selfies on a single charge. The company states that it won’t be sold in the US, but will be made available on its website when it is released in the spring. The selfie game has officially been changed.

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