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Why Always a Man is Wrong ? Sarvjeet

Jasleen Kaur case is constantly going through ups and downs and public is not able to reach any final judgment on who is speaking the truth and who is telling a lie. However, we expect our media to be neutral on the matter and give both of them an equal chance. But if you watch this video, this journalist of TimesNow is constantly asking Sarvjeet to apologize on TV that he was wrong and he misbehaved with the girl. Even when he says that he has not done anything wrong so why he should apologize, she calls him arrogant and egoistic, saying that Jasleen is a girl and she will never tell a lie. Now you yourself decide “What Kind Of Journalism Is This?” Shame On TimesNow!


What do you think about this journalist? Can you justify her insisting Sarvjeet to apologize no matter whether he is right or wrong? Share your views in the comments section below.