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Down the memory lane with Walker.

7 interesting facts about Paul Walker Paul Walker a.k.a Brian O’Connor was a charismatic star both on and off the screen.

Everybody just loved him for his charm, passion and his films. On his birthday remembering him we present to you 7 facts about walker that you should know.

1. He held a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu Paul Walker was trained in martial arts and belonged to a family of boxers. He was even awarded the black belt by his coach Ricardo Miller posthumously. Now we know where those daring stunts came from.

2. He disliked watching himself on the big screen. Yes, you heard it right people. The one whom we all love to watch on TV does not like to watch himself on TV. He watched his movies only once.*Argh*.

3. He was a professional race car driver He didn’t just race in movies. Walker competed in the Redline Time Attack Racing series and was on the AE Performance team. He even co-owned a racing team. Now that’s what passion is all about.

4. He entered showbiz at the age of 2 Walker’s first television appearance was for an advertisement for pampers at the age of two. He went on to act in shows at the age of 13. This is what we mean when we say inbirth talent.*Amazed*

5. He was nicknamed PABLO Everybody including his co stars loved him for the kind of person he was. His Fast and Furious co stars Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson with whom he had brotherly relations lovingly called him ‘Pablo’.

6. He was a true humanitarian He founded a disaster relief organization called Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW) aiming to provide rescue and help to those struck in natural disasters. He himself went to places like Indonesia, Phillipines, Chile to provide aid. With such a pretty face, he even had a big heart.*Touched*

7. Vin Diesel named his daughter ‘Pauline’ in Walker’s memory The Fast and Furious duo were so close that after Paul’s death, Diesel went on to name his daughter ‘Pauline’ in memory of his dear friend just to keep him a part of his family forever. No matter what happens Paul Walker will remain in our hearts forever. See you again Walker

No matter what happens, Paul Walker will remain in our hearts forever. See you again!
-Vaibhavi Ranjan