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What comes to your mind when you visualize a road trip? A bunch of fresh looking friends in the car having a merry time together. They are exploring every monument and shop they are passing by. Gossiping and laughing together while munching on some snacks. I am sure by now you are planning your next road trip with your friends and family. But, the truth is different. I am extremely sorry to prick your bubble. Some of these things do happen but a lot do not happen. The discomfort of traveling longer miles with bumpy roads( C’mon, this is India) and a large number of people eventually fizz out the excitement of a road trip. In the year 2017, I have traveled a total of 10,000 plus kilometers on not-so-smooth National Highways and by now I am out of the “wanderlust” mania(LOL). Road trips give you an opportunity to discover the unexplored parts of India and the experience that can never be matched up. It is definitely worth-experiencing. Here, you will find a number of ways by which you can pare down the discomforts of a road trip and enjoy the experience a bit more with your friends and family. Keep reading to know more.

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1. Medicines

Unhygienic and spicy food, bumpy ride and improper food timings are some of the major reasons one falls sick during a trip. There are times when there is no hospital/medical store for long stretches which causes a delay in medical attention. One should definitely carry medicines for all sorts of minor sickness such as stomach ache, headache, vomiting etc. This might help someone get temporary relief unless you find appropriate medical attention.

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2. Paper Soap/Sanitizers

Paper soap/Sanitizer is a 200% must because generally, hygiene takes a back seat while traveling. Sanitizers are best to use when you cannot get down and wash your hands before consuming eatables.But, one cannot simply use sanitizer after answering nature’s call. Using a washroom is only possible in dhabas/restaurants or petrol pumps which are mostly filthy and lack basic amenities. Paper soap then comes to your rescue. Paper soaps are handy and cheap which hardly puts any weight on the travel budget.

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  3. Good Internet Pack

I am sure all of us, once in life, are stuck choosing which way to take. Have I taken the wrong turn or have I traveled a bit farther are some of the confusions while taking road trips. With absolutely no milestones and signboards to help you and clueless expressions of people, you asked directions from makes you feel like a lost child crying for help. A good-speed Internet connection can help you find your way out. Apps like Google Maps, HERE Maps helps you navigate to the destination with little effort. A fast-speed internet connection avoids any kind of confusion and time wastage during a road trip. Keep going!


 4. Good Playlist

Good music makes your journey easy. I remember how once B-grade songs played on a loop by the driver during the entire trip grilled my brain. I felt like jumping out of the car. Back to the point, you need to have a good, soothing, mind refreshing playlist to keep yourself distracted and engaged during the trip( you and your friends/family won’t be talking and gossiping 24 x 7). Carrying headphones/earphones will save you in case you are stuck with a prick driver who is hellbent on playing his songs.

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5. Wear Comfortable

If you are thinking of wearing bling clothes, super-tight chinos, uncomfortable sexy heels for traveling, stop thinking. You might end up ranting during the journey annoying others around you. Wear light and comfortable clothes for traveling as you are going to sit in the same position for a really long time.

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6. Travel Light

This is especially for girls who pack their entire house even for short trips. Your vehicle ends up looking like Noah’s Ark with little space left for comfortable sitting. Please have a habit of traveling light, you won’t die without your special pillow or teddy bear. Carry clothes and other things according to the span of the trip. Avoid taking unnecessary things which you might even not touch on your trip.

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7. Carry readymade snacks

Who does not like Dhaba/restaurant food? Most of us love the mouth-watering food served at the restaurants. But, what happens when you are desperately looking out of the window. You are unable to find even one eating joint. You must carry emergency snacks to satiate your hunger in case there are no restaurants on your way. Chips, biscuits, chocolates, waffles can temporarily calm your hunger while traveling.

Thanks for reading. Happy traveling!

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Hello, I am Jagriti Verma, Bachelors of Technology(Information Technology) from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. I love traveling, writing, painting and watching documentaries. I am also digital marketing enthusiast.

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